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Gift Yourself a Sparkling White Smile with Philips ZOOM!

Dr. Mojaver

September 1, 2022


Philips ZOOM! Teeth Whitening in Downtown San Diego is the premier choice for anyone wanting the whitest teeth possible.

Why Choose Philips ZOOM! Teeth Whitening?

ZOOM! Whitening is a safe and proven treatment for anyone with dull, dark, or discolored teeth. Whether you have naturally dark enamel or years of coffee drinking have stained your teeth, ZOOM! Whitening erases those shades to make your smile look years whiter and healthier.

As a same-day procedure, numerous brands have modeled themselves after Philips ZOOM! However, none of them use the same ingredients or technology. At AlignBar, we offer ZOOM! same-day whitening to our patients because of how safe and effective it is.

How Does Philips ZOOM! Whitening Work?

The Philips ZOOM! The whitening system uses a special light-activated oxidation process to safely release stains from inside of the tiny pores across your teeth.

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Your teeth are polished to remove any surface stains or plaque residue.

2. A special barrier is placed over your lips to prevent contact with the bleaching agents. You’ll also be given a small prop to bite on, which helps keep your mouth open.

3. The Philips whitening gel is brushed onto the visible tooth surfaces throughout your smile.

4. A bright ultraviolet light is placed over your mouth for 15 minutes. The light activates the gel, which then triggers stain oxidation to whiten the teeth.

Your entire visit usually takes about an hour and a half from start to finish. Our Downtown San Diego dentists will also use a special shade guide to measure your before and after tooth color so that you can see exactly how bright the results are. It’s typical to see anywhere from 5-8 shades of improvement on the same day. Some people even elect to continue whitening at home with bleaching trays afterward to get their smile a few more shades brighter.

5. The gel is rinsed away, and then the process is repeated another 3-4 times as necessary.

It’s fairly common to experience some minor sensitivity after whitening your teeth. Using sensitive toothpaste and a fluoride rinse each day can be helpful!

Same Day Results

Because Philips ZOOM! Whitening in-office treatment only requires one appointment, you get immediate results. The same-day cosmetic procedure is a perfect solution when you need a fast smile makeover, have a last-minute event planned, or need to make a great first impression.

Our San Diego dentists recommend avoiding dark foods or liquids for the next several days. Anything that might stain a white shirt could cause new stain particles to soak into your teeth, such as red wine, berries, or tomato sauce.

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

Whitening naturally makes your teeth look younger and healthier because they’re brighter.

It’s not uncommon for most of us to develop tooth staining as we age. Whether it’s because of medications that we’ve taken, the dark liquids we consume, or exposure to certain environments, teeth soak up stain particles naturally. Whitening them is a safe way to improve your appearance without altering healthy tooth structures.

Combining whitening with other natural treatments like orthodontic therapy or Invisalign provides a holistic smile makeover that’s non-invasive to your teeth. No numbing or drilling is required!

Most San Diego dentists recommend whitening your teeth before any other cosmetic procedure because it allows other types of treatments—such as porcelain veneers, ceramic crowns, bonding, etc.—to match your brighter smile. Otherwise, you can never bleach your teeth in the future because it will cause those other ceramic and porcelain restorations to stand out (they don’t react to whitening agents.)

Perhaps the most important reason to whiten is for your self-confidence. If you feel inclined to hide your teeth whenever you’re in public, ZOOM! Whitening may be the answer.

Philips ZOOM! Whitening in Office @ AlignBar

For ZOOM! teeth whitening in Downtown San Diego, call AlignBar. AlignBar can also clean and polish your teeth before your treatment, making your whitening process even more dramatic. To learn more about the process, find out about Philips ZOOM! Whitening cost, or to reserve an appointment, call us today.

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