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Treatment-Optimizing Technology

See how your smile will transform with our state-of-the-art technologies that provide comfortable experiences. Gone are the days of putty-based impressions and 2D images – turn to AlignBar Orthodontics for top-notch tech that can preview your new smile!


Dental Care, Elevated

From seeing what your smile could look like to avoiding uncomfortable, messy impressions, our use of technologically advanced tools creates positive orthodontic experiences.

Learn about the technology we use here at our orthodontic office and how it will enhance your treatment.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography

You’re probably familiar with dental X-rays and how they work; you wear a protective bib and hold still while a device captures 2D images.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography creates a 3D image of your teeth, mouth, neck, ears, and throat, providing a much more comprehensive view of your oral health. This non-invasive technology enhances the diagnosis and treatment planning process, getting patients one step closer to the smile of their dreams.

SprintRay Pro95 S 3D Printer

No more waiting to receive a mouthguard, try-in denture, or clear aligner, as our office can 3D print them immediately!

We use the industry-leading SprintRay Pro95 printer here at AlignBar Orthodontics, as it’s known for its incredible accuracy and speed. Go from X-ray to appliance to on your way home in record time.

iTero Element Plus Series

It can be difficult to judge what your new smile will look like if you only have an X-ray or scan of your teeth to go off of. But with help from the iTero Element Plus Series, you can view a realistic depiction of not just your smile but your entire face.

Scans are fast and produce multiple viewing angles, giving you a better idea of how your smile will transform and enhance your facial aesthetics.

iTero Lumina – Coming Soon!

A brand new intraoral iTero scanner, the Lumina provides impressive 3D visuals of your treatment; think of it like a digital impression, no putty required!

This iTero dental scanner is perfect for those interested in clear aligners, as you’ll be able to see just how your smile will be transformed.

Dental Technology FAQs

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With help from in-office plans, Delta Dental, and Tricare, it’s easy to finance the healthy smile you deserve. Our San Diego orthodontic office also accepts a wide range of dental insurance policies, including Delta, to ensure we’re able to assist all those looking for holistic care.

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