Teeth whitening in downtown San Diego, CA

If you are looking for a dental practice that offers professional teeth whitening near you in the San Diego, CA area community, we invite you to call AlignBar to find out more about your options. Teeth whitening in downtown San Diego can be achieved via different methods available at our facility with Drs. Nina Mojaver and Ron Greenspan. Instead of visiting the local drugstore and spending money on teeth whitening products that fail to work, we encourage you to see the difference with our professional brightening and bleaching services.

Teeth whitening in downtown San Diego, CA

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Teeth whitening near Downtown San Diego, CA

What methods of whitening are available at AlignBar?

Philips Zoom! teeth whitening – the Philips Zoom! teeth whitening system is designed to help patients achieve dramatic results while reducing sensitivity issues often experienced with other bleaching services. The Philips Zoom! teeth whitening system utilizes a special powered whitening varnish that can address surface stains and deeper discoloration that may remain after take-home drugstore alternatives. Laser teeth whitening – in addition to our Philips Zoom! teeth whitening system, we also provide laser whitening at AlignBar. To achieve the most dramatic results, we encourage patients to consider this whitening method. It uses a whitening gel similar to that in the Philips Zoom! alternative and achieves results by adding laser light. This method is highly desirable for patients looking to quickly and dramatically achieve their dream smile in a single appointment.

Professional teeth whitening in Downtown San Diego, CA

Are professional teeth whitening options safe?

When professional teeth whitening in San Diego, CA is performed by an experienced and highly trained professional, it is an entirely safe way to brighten the smile. We work hard to ensure we provide the best treatment and are qualified to do so for safety and effectiveness.

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Whether you have mild discoloration that you’d like to address or are dealing with significant staining on your teeth, our team at AlignBar can help! Our facility is located at 450 A Street Suite #200 and accepts new patients who call (619) 500-6881 for an appointment. Drs. Nina Mojaver and Ron Greenspan welcome you to AlignBar for the best teeth whitening in downtown San Diego, CA!