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Invisalign DOs and DON’Ts You Need to Know

Dr. Mojaver

June 1, 2022

Invisalign San Diego

Wearing Invisalign is simpler and more convenient than any other type of braces. But there are still certain Invisalign DOs and DON’Ts you want to make sure you follow. Rest assured, they’re simple and straightforward.

DO Brush and Rinse Your Aligners Daily

Just like your teeth, Invisalign trays can accumulate plaque bacteria across their surface. Make a point to use antimicrobial hand soap, dish soap, or non-abrasive toothpaste to scrub your aligners clean twice a day whenever you brush and floss your teeth.

DON’T Use Hot Water to Clean Invisalign

A very important Invisalign DON’T is to avoid using hot tap water whenever you’re brushing or rinsing them. The warm temperature could cause Invisalign to permanently warp, making them unwearable. Stick to room temperature or cool water instead.

DO Keep Invisalign in a Sealed Case When You Aren’t Wearing The Trays

The only time you should be taking your Invisalign trays out is when you’re eating or drinking something other than water. A case will help make sure you don’t misplace them or toss them in the trash after lunch. Be sure to have your name and phone number written on the case in permanent marker, just in case they do get misplaced.

DON’T Keep Aligners in the Car or Around Pets, Small Children

Pets and small children have a fond affinity for dental appliances. Unfortunately, once they get a hold of them, they’re usually damaged past the point of wear. A hot car can be just as detrimental to your trays since the high temperatures will cause them to melt.

DO Change Your Trays Out Every Two Weeks

Every set of Invisalign aligners is planned out to move your teeth in a specific direction at a strategic schedule. To keep your smile goals on target, always change out your Invisalign trays as prescribed.

DON’T Swap Your Aligners Out Before You’re Supposed To

Thinking you can hurry through the teeth straightening process by swapping out your aligners a little more quickly than our Downtown San Diego dentist suggested? While the first time or two may not cause obvious issues, this practice can lead to dangerous side effects, relapse, and the need for re-treatment overall. Your bone and tooth roots need time to adapt to the aligner position; never rush through them.

DO Wear Your Invisalign Trays All Day

The goal for each of our San Diego Invisalign patients is to wear their aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day. That gives you plenty of time to remove them during meals and for brushing and flossing, but that’s about it. You want to hit your target time each day to ensure your smile aligns safely. This rule is at the top of all Invisalign DOs, as your results won’t be the same without it.

DON’T Eat or Drink Anything While You Wear Invisalign

Do not ever wear your Invisalign aligners when you’re snacking, eating, or sipping on any liquid other than water. If you do, it will cause several issues. One, the alignment tray will wear out and be ineffective. Two, it will trap food debris, bacteria, acids, and natural sugars against your teeth, seriously raising your chances of tooth decay.

DO Let Your Dental Team Know if There’s a Problem

If an area of your aligner is rubbing against your mouth, let our San Diego Invisalign team know about it. We can use special tools to adjust the tray so that it is more comfortable. Since Invisalign complications are extremely rare, it’s important to reach out if something needs to be addressed.

DON’T Try to Fix Invisalign Yourself

Manually trying to manipulate your Invisalign tray can lead to serious long-term complications, tissue trauma, and orthodontic relapse (meaning you need to go back and restart that phase of treatment. It’s one of the major Invisalign don’ts.

Invisalign Dentist San Diego

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