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Can Wisdom Teeth Make My Smile Crooked?

Dr. Mojaver

February 1, 2022

Can Wisdom Teeth Make My Smile Crooked?

If you’ve ever worn braces or are thinking about getting clear aligners in Downtown San Diego, there are some wisdom teeth facts you’ll want to know about. Namely, wisdom teeth and crooked smile issues like crowding or gapped teeth.

Here’s what you need to know:

Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Crowding

One of the most common wisdom teeth facts that people need to know is that the pressure caused by their third molars (wisdom teeth) can move the other teeth in your mouth. You could almost compare it to a reverse game of tug of war. Instead of pulling, they’re pushing. And when you push a line of teeth together from both sides, the front teeth tend to start crowding together or overlapping one another.

Since wisdom teeth tend to erupt at an angle-instead of straight up and down-then physically push into their neighboring teeth a little more as time goes by. The more they push, the greater risk you have of unwanted tooth movement making its way to the front of your smile.

How to Prevent Orthodontic Relapse

Do you still have an orthodontic retainer? If so, wear it as much as possible. Try to keep it in during most of the day, only removing it whenever it’s time to eat or brush your teeth. Keep wearing it until you have your wisdom teeth removed, so that you can try to retain your smile’s alignment as much as possible.

One of the first places you’ll notice signs of relapse is in your lower front teeth. If you have a bonded wire retainer behind those teeth, it might come loose, fall off, or those teeth crowd even if the retainer is still intact. If your retainer is removable and you’re not wearing it very often, it might become too difficult to put it on correctly.

“What if I Don’t Have a Retainer?”

Perhaps you wore braces years ago but no longer have your orthodontic retainer. To prevent teeth crowding, you’ll want to have a new retainer made ASAP. It can be a clear, rigid retainer like the ones provided at AlignBar or even a conventional design. The earlier you have a retainer made, the better. Since wisdom teeth and crooked smiles go hand in hand, it’s best to intercept any issues as early as possible.

Even if your teeth have shifted just a small amount, it’s best to go ahead and have a new retainer fitted to your smile. That way you can prevent your wisdom teeth from making your bite any more crooked or crowded than it already is. It’s simpler to correct minor misalignment and may only take a few months, versus undergoing complete orthodontic therapy all over again.

Will Your Teeth Move Back After Wisdom Teeth are Removed?

Unfortunately, no. Once teeth have been pushed out of alignment, they typically don’t move back on their own. Even if your wisdom teeth are removed and there’s no longer any pressure in those parts of your mouth, the misaligned bite they’ve created will typically stay that way.

This one reason is why it’s so important for patients in their teens and 20s to continue wearing their retainer regularly. Especially if they haven’t had their wisdom teeth taken out just yet. Your wisdom teeth typically continue developing until you’re nearly 30 years old.

Correcting Crooked Teeth Caused by Wisdom Teeth

Have your wisdom teeth pressed on your adjacent teeth, causing them to shift or crowd together? AlignBar can help you straighten your smile with discreet, removable aligners. Even if you’ve worn braces in the past, there’s no need to go back through the conventional bracket and wire systems. Our clear aligners are comfortable and effective. They work well for minor crowding and gaps, as well as correcting orthodontic relapse caused by wisdom teeth.

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