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Can Wearing Invisalign Help Reduce Tooth Decay?

Dr. Mojaver

January 1, 2022

can wearing invisalign help reduce tooth decay

Could investing in Invisalign help you enjoy a healthier smile? Absolutely! Our dentists in downtown San Diego frequently recommend using clear alignment therapy to improve your tooth and gum health. If you’re looking for a great reason to invest in straighter teeth, your oral health is one of them.

How Does Invisalign Prevent Tooth Decay?

Crowded teeth are statistically more likely to get cavities than teeth that are straight. When areas are hard to clean or teeth are tilted out of place, those tight spaces are at an automatically higher risk for tooth decay. They’re also much more likely to develop gingivitis, periodontitis (gum disease), and bone loss around their roots. Invisalign could help you reduce your chances of not just cavities, but also tooth loss!

When you wear Invisalign, you’re straightening out tighter spaces so that they’re less likely to harbor bacteria, food debris, and are easier to clean. In turn, you naturally lower your cavity risk.

People who have a history of recurring cavities may find that investing in Invisalign is just as helpful as using fluoride and flossing each day. Plus, it enhances the overall appearance of your smile! It’s a win-win for anyone who wants healthier, more attractive teeth.

Can I Have Invisalign if I Have Cavities?

Can you get Invisalign if you already have cavities? It’s probably best to treat your cavity first, then get Invisalign immediately afterward. Otherwise, your clear aligners could potentially be trapping the cavity-causing bacteria underneath the tray and put other teeth at risk. It would be the same as wearing your aligners without ever brushing and flossing your teeth: bacteria would just build up underneath them, making your oral health worse instead of better.

Plus, we want to make sure that your Invisalign trays fit your teeth properly. Since each one is digitally printed, we’ll want a scan of your tooth after you’ve had a new filling or crown placed. That way it will fit accurately and comfortably.

Even though you’ll need to wait to get Invisalign until after you treat your cavities, the delay won’t be long at all. And since Invisalign is easy to care for, you’ll be less likely to develop cavities during your orthodontic treatment.

How to Avoid Cavities During Invisalign Treatment

If you’re using Invisalign to cut down on your cavity risk, you’ll want to be sure that you take special measures to promote good oral health during your treatment. Otherwise, as mentioned above, you could be trapping bacteria under the trays. But good oral hygiene is all you need for healthy teeth and gums during Invisalign treatment.

Fortunately, Invisalign is far easier to care for than traditional braces. Your risk of cavities and enamel demineralization (white spots) goes down significantly when you wear removable aligners, as opposed to brackets and wires.

Here are some things you’ll want to do to reduce your cavity risk, whether or not you’re wearing clear aligners at the same time:

  • After meals, clean your teeth before putting your aligners back in your mouth
  • Brush along your gumlines thoroughly to minimize buildup in those spaces
  • Floss your teeth at least once a day
  • Use a fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash daily
  • Clean the inside of your Invisalign aligners regularly
  • Schedule regular dental cleanings twice a year to remove tartar buildup
  • Invest in an electric toothbrush and water flosser
  • Don’t drink anything other than water while you’re wearing Invisalign trays
  • Rinse your mouth out regularly throughout the day, especially after snacking

A Smart Investment in Your Smile

How much Invisalign costs can offset the money you’ll spend on managing gum disease and treating cavities in the years ahead. When you have a healthier smile that’s easier to maintain, you’ll be saving your smile just as much as you are your wallet. At AlignBar we offer flexible Invisalign financing so that you can enjoy a straighter smile without having to wait to start treatment. Visit our dentists in downtown San Diego today to find out if you qualify (and get a customized treatment plan with pricing.)

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