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8 Reasons Why Clear Aligners are Great for Adults

Dr. Mojaver

July 1, 2022

clear aligners in San Diego

Debating whether or not it’s “worth it” to go ahead and invest in your smile? There are dozens of reasons why clear aligners in San Diego are great for adults, but here are some of the most significant:

  1. Clear Aligners Were Originally Designed for Adults

Did you know that clear aligner treatment was originally meant for adults? Yes, teens can wear orthodontic aligners, but adults were the original group these systems were intended for. Particularly because of the subtle nature of the appliances, how flexible they are to live and work in, and the fact that you don’t need as many (or long of) appointments during the duration of your treatment.

2. You’re Not Too Old for Aligners

There are no age cut-offs for adult braces. If you never had the chance to get braces growing up, experienced relapse, or finally want to invest in your oral health, clear aligners are a great option at any stage of life. Whether you’re 30, 45, 60, or even well beyond that, you can still qualify for clear alignment treatment. You might choose to get aligners if you’re embarking on a new career or recently retired, there’s no right or wrong timeframe.

3. They’re Practically Invisible

The BPA-free plastic used for making clear aligners is practically see-through. Each transparent aligner blends in with your teeth when you wear it, making it almost indistinguishable during everyday conversations. In fact, most people will probably never be able to see your aligners unless you purposely stop and show them from a few inches away.

4. Improve TMJ, Headache Symptoms

The way your upper and lower teeth fit together impacts the daily function of your TMJ (jaw joint) and surrounding muscles. For example, when teeth don’t line up appropriately, your TMJ has to go out of the way to make sure you’re effectively grinding down food for digestion. As the years go by, these atypical motions can cause joint deterioration and pain.

Aligning your teeth with clear orthodontic trays improves oral function overall, reducing strain to your joints and the muscles around them.

5. Reduce Your Risk of Cavities

Are you more prone to cavities than your friends? Does it feel like every time you turn around, you’re having to get old fillings or crowns changed out with new ones? Although changes to your diet and home hygiene routine are helpful, so is straightening your teeth. With clear aligners in San Diego, you can reduce at-risk areas and make flossing more productive. Especially in hard-to-reach spaces that are more prone to packing food.

6. Cut Back on Gum Disease

Crowded, rotated, and misaligned teeth are more prone to plaque and tartar buildup than teeth that are straight. Because of this, those areas are usually the first to exhibit signs of gum disease.

If you’re in the early stages of gum disease or have been battling periodontitis in years past, choosing to straighten your teeth is a proven part of a comprehensive care plan. Additionally, you’ll find that keeping your gums healthy is easier than you thought since the clear aligners are removable for brushing and flossing.

7. Help Your Teeth Last Longer

Teeth that occlude (hit against) each other properly are less likely to wear down prematurely than those with an imbalanced occlusion. Atypical tooth alignment can make you predisposed to enamel wear, flattened tooth edges, or broken dental work. By correcting how your teeth “line up” with one another, clear aligners prolong the lifespan of your entire smile.

8. Boost Your Self Confidence

When your teeth are straighter, the enhanced symmetry is naturally more attractive. You’ll likely find that you smile more after your orthodontic treatment than you did before. Or even during the process, given the transparent nature of your alignment trays. You can even whiten your teeth during the process if you want to!

Do I Qualify for Clear Aligners?

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