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7 Things People Wish They Knew Before Getting Braces

Dr. Mojaver

May 1, 2024

7 Things People Wish They Knew Before Getting Braces

Let's be honest: achieving a straighter smile is appealing, but getting there can seem daunting. That's especially true if you don't know what to expect—it's only natural to feel a bit of apprehension when determining if now is the right time to start your teeth straightening journey.

To help put your mind at ease so you can make an informed decision, here are seven things people wish they knew before they got braces!

1. It's Quite Painless

The fear of pain can be enough to stop anyone from moving forward, but the discomfort of braces is far less than anticipated. Thanks to advanced orthodontic treatment technology, any initial discomfort typically subsides quickly.

How much do braces hurt on a scale of 1 to 10? It depends on several factors, including your pain tolerance. However, most people describe their braces experience as a simple and minor discomfort—not pain.

2. There Are Many Options

So many different types of options are available, from traditional metal braces to clear aligners, ceramic, and lingual. That makes it easy to find a smile solution that complements your needs and lifestyle.

The best way to learn about dental braces options is to consult an orthodontist. They can make recommendations based on your unique needs and aesthetic preferences.

3. Braces Fix More Than Smiles

Sure, braces straighten teeth, but they can do so much more! Most people don't realize that braces can help correct bite issues and may even relieve jaw pain.

What are the signs you need braces? A few common ones are:

  • Misaligned/crooked teeth
  • Jaw pain
  • Over/underbite
  • Gaps in teeth
  • Discomfort while chewing
  • Airway issues while sleeping

However, the best way to know if you need braces is to consult an orthodontist.

4. Lip Balm Is Your New Best Friend

Here’s a quick braces insight: lip balm will become an indispensable ally during the first few days of getting them.

Because hardware can slightly push your lips out, there's a learning curve when moistening your lips and adjusting to everything. While preparing for braces, pick up a tube of nourishing balm to prevent your lips from drying out!

5. It's Important to Protect Your Teeth

While you always want to protect your teeth while playing sports or participating in physical activities, it's essential when you have braces. Doing so protects the wires and brackets in your mouth, significantly reducing the risk of damage.

Ask your orthodontist about mouthguard options. Many are specifically designed for use with braces to help ensure your comfort.

6. Financing Options Are Available

While most dental insurance plans cover the majority of the cost of braces, not everyone has coverage. Don't let a lack of insurance stop you from achieving the smile of your dreams! There are many different financing options and wellness credit cards you can utilize, like:

  • CareCredit
  • Sunbit
  • Cherry

At AlignBar Orthodontics, we work with all of the above and accept various dental insurance providers, including Delta Dental and Tricare. Because we believe oral care should be accessible for all, we even provide in-house financing solutions.

7. How Amazing the Results Would Be

You may still be asking, "Should I get braces, yes or no?" Because smile transformations boost confidence, self-esteem, and oral health, the answer is yes! Many wish they hadn't waited so long to get started.

The results will far outweigh any minor discomfort and the relatively short time you'll need to wear braces. Regularly follow up with your orthodontist and wear your retainers to protect your smile's longevity.

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