Clear Aligners vs. Braces

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Clear Aligners vs. Braces

Wish you had straighter teeth? Comparing clear aligners vs. braces can be confusing at times. AlignBar can help you understand which one is best for your smile.

Which Works Best?

Are clear aligners better than braces, or the other way around? Well, it depends.

For severe malocclusion where the jaws and teeth are significantly misaligned, traditional braces are often used alongside surgical correction.

Earlier types of clear aligners were typically restricted to mild or moderate tooth misalignment. But as technology has improved, they’re now more appropriate for issues like severe crowding, gaps, etc.

Choosing between clear aligners vs. braces should always start with a one-on-one evaluation with your orthodontic provider. Since every smile is different, the type of braces that are best for your situation may vary. That being said, clear aligners vs. braces are fairly equal concerning how well they work.

Which Type of Braces is Most Affordable?

Years ago, the cost of clear aligners was usually well more than the price of traditional braces. But as technology and access to digital programs improved, that changed. Today, 3D printing is more mainstream than ever. And since digital planning is crucial to how clear aligners vs. braces work, the price has dropped dramatically.

Now, when you compare the cost of clear aligners against conventional braces, the fees are nearly identical or only slightly different.

Ultimately the cost of any orthodontic system-including clear aligners (San Diego)-depends on the time necessary to straighten your teeth. More complex alignment spacing or crowding typically requires more aligners, time, and attention to correct, so the fee is adjusted accordingly.

When you visit AlignBar, we provide you with an estimated treatment plan for your clear aligners. San Diego patients can also use any orthodontic insurance benefits toward the cost of their treatment. Plus, we offer flexible monthly payment plans. You’ll know exactly what fees are involved before you ever commit to anything.

Treatment Timelines and Results

How long does it take to straighten your teeth with braces vs. clear aligners? San Diego patients can typically expect their overall timeframe to range anywhere from 6-24 months, or one year on average.

Ultimately, several factors influence the length of your treatment. And it’s the same whether you’re wearing traditional braces or clear aligners. For example, the severity of your tooth alignment. Minor tooth movement can be corrected in less time, requiring shorter treatment timeframes. Whereas complex crowding and gaps take longer to correct.

Keeping up with your home care instructions and appointments will also impact the length of your treatment. If you are changing out appliances as directed and following your orthodontic protocols, your teeth will move in a more predictable manner. But if you’re missing visits-where your orthodontist can’t adjust your braces or send you home with more aligners-your overall results will be delayed. On the other hand, the treatment will go by more quickly when you stick to the care plan schedule.

When you visit AlignBar for an initial consultation, we’ll be able to estimate your treatment timeframe so that you know what you’ll be getting into before actually getting any aligners.

Advantages of Clear Aligners

There are numerous advantages that clear aligners offer over traditional metal braces. Such as:

  • Freedom to remove your aligners for easy home care (brushing, flossing, etc.)
  • Being able to eat whatever you want
  • Improved aesthetics since there’s no visible metal on your teeth
  • Smoother shape and contour, making them more comfortable for your mouth
  • No adjustments or extra orthodontic appliances; just change your aligners out as prescribed

Since clear aligners vs. braces cost gaps have narrowed, you can enjoy affordable treatment regardless of which type of orthodontics you choose.

Invisible Braces in San Diego

When it comes to teeth aligners vs. braces, there’s a clear winner. The comfort, effectiveness, and cost of clear aligners make them the perfect choice. Whether you’re a busy professional, parent, or teen, our clear aligners in Downtown San Diego can help you get the smile you deserve.

Request your no-obligation consultation at AlignBar today to find out if clear aligners are right for you!

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